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Different between Microblading and Permanent Makeup

All women want to wake up with a pair of perfect eyebrows every morning. This is only because the eyebrows are the most important part of a woman's face. If you experience hair loss, naturally or due to some medical condition, such as chemotherapy, and eyebrows are coming off, there are two ways to get the perfect eyebrows you once had. You can choose the traditional permanent makeup or Microblading.

Both procedures can give fabulous results, but there is some difference between the two.

What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

The difference between the two is that permanent makeup is practically the same as getting a typical tattoo. With the permanent makeup that involved the eyebrows, a powder filling technique is usually used to make the eyebrows look denser and fuller. The problem with permanent eyebrows is their inability to create the natural and complete look that Microblading achieves successfully. In the worst case, for someone who wants a natural brow but permanently affect, they will turn to a tattoo artist who will delineate their eyebrows and then fill them with color, which will make the look of the eyebrows look very unnatural and unfortunate.

In contrast to Microblading, which allows the artist to draw hair strokes by manual application of pressure, a permanent makeup machine applies the pressure directly allowing the technician to focus on the creation of elegant brow strokes using a variation of specially designed microneedles, which implant pigment directly into the skin in a method similar to that used by tattoo artists.

Some technicians prefer Microblading due to the direct control that allows them to have respect to the drawing of the hair lines and the depth of the insertion of the pigment. As technology has evolved and with the invention of the advanced technology of nano needles, the machine method of Micropigmentation provides beautiful and natural results, impeccable strokes and enviable shaded 3D and ombre effects.

While both disciplines have the ability to achieve an impressive improvement that will complement the shape of your face, it is an individual choice as to which method you personally select. Opinions will always vary as to which procedure offers the best results, some people prefer Microblading because they feel it is more natural and others firmly recommending Permanent Makeup using a device, for its slightly bolder and structured results that tend to last longer than Microblading , due to the depth of the pigment implantation.

Always remember to do your homework regarding the two previous procedures, be sure to consult a highly qualified professional for these procedures. The greatest disadvantage of permanent makeup is that it is permanent. Then, unless you are sure that is what you want, you should not have it. In addition, there is a great risk when performing this procedure by an inexperienced person. It can be difficult to know who has experience and who does not, so be sure to ask to speak with previous patients.



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