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Introducing our brand-new, brow styling tool, designed with synthetic bristles for a gentle touch and superior performance.

This dual-ended brow tool features a spoolie brush and a flat brush for expert application of Brow Wax, or using it during a brow lamination tretament. Effortlessly lift, tame, and sculpt your brows for a feathered, long-lasting look that stays put all day. The spoolie brush distributes the wax evenly, while the flat brush  presses the hairs down for maximum hold.

How to Use:
- Lightly dip the spoolie brush into any Brow Wax.
- Evenly coat the brush by swirling it on the inside of the cap.
- Apply the wax with upward strokes, pressing gently as you go.
- Use the flat bush end to flatten the brow hairs from the front to the back of your brows.

Pro Tips:
- For thicker brows needing extra control, apply a bit more wax.
- Press and hold for a few seconds in stubborn areas to enhance the hold.
- Also great for smoothing stray hairs along the hairline.
- Easily clean the tool with a brush cleanser or warm water to remove the wax from the spoolie.

Upgrade your brow routine with this essential tool for polished, perfect brows every time.

Double Sided Brow/ Lash Brush

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