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Lash Lift Pros and Cons

In recent months, a new treatment of eyelashes has been taking over social

media. They are not extensions of eyelashes or tinting of eyelashes. It's

something called eyelash lifting. Editors around the world have received the

treatment, and a group of influential people on social networks have posted

incredible before and after photos on Instagram.

With the lashes lifted, your eyes open immediately and the lashes seem fuller

and longer. You can add on tint that adds color or a deeper color, especially

loved by those who have a fairer skin and hair.

Benefits of Lash Lift:

• Gives an attractive curl to straight lashes

• Visually 'opens' the eyes for mature clients whose lashes may be doping

due to reduced elasticity of the eye area

• Stops lashes pressing against the backs of glasses or spectacles

• Removes the need to curl lashes with a heated or clamped lash curler, saving

time and effort

• Enhances penetration and longevity of lash tints when performed before a

tint service

• Gives a natural enhancement to lashes with little to no maintenance

• Makes natural lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions

• Minimal after care required! Swim, Shower & Play with no fuss

• Safe and semi-permanent (lasts 8-12 weeks).

• Suitable for short or long eyelashes - Beautiful results for everyone!

• Enhances the lashes without the need for mascara, perfect for holidays and

every day

There will be no need for an eyelash curler as this treatment gives a much

better result than using a curler, But more importantly, using one may weaken

and damage your lashes.

Risks of Lash Lift

First thing: blindness is a possible hazard. That alone might make it seem so

not worth it. But even if the chances of losing your vision may be slim, there

are other reasons to be wary. Using potent chemicals on lashes makes them

fall out more quickly than they normally would. Lashes may also become

brittle and break off, appearing much shorter. Allergic reactions are common,

and irritated eyes have to be soothed with eye drops for a few days after the


Of course, the procedure isn’t without its risks. Eyelash lifting, like many other

lash-enhancing beauty treatments, is not FDA-approved. Eyes and the skin

around them are extremely delicate, and can incur damage, including

irritation, burning or even blindness. If the solution is left on too long, it can

fry your lashes, making them break or fall out.

An extra word of caution: Be sure to seek out a qualified professional who

performs multiple eyelash lifts on a daily basis. This is an instance where you

should seek out the best, not the cheapest.



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